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 Asus Laptop Service Center for original spare parts repair

The Asus Laptop Service Center is the official  Asus service  for all types of repairs. Thanks to increasingly sophisticated technologies, technology companies are competing, not only products with large brands, but also start-up companies are competing to create the latest innovations.

In addition to presenting high-tech products, these companies also provide service centers for servicing repairs or spare parts.  Electronic goods certainly have an age limit or limit in the maximum operation of the goods.   Therefore, it is necessary to provide an official service point.

Asus is a multinational company, the center of the computer company is located in Taiwan, while the center of the electronics and hardware company is located in Beijing.   The Taiwanese company  became the fifth largest computer vendor in 2017. As a well-known Asus PC,  the Asus laptop  service  center  is also available to serve consumers.

Travel history of AsusTek Computer Inc.

The company has become a multinational company based in Taiwan. The company was founded in 1989 by T.H Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh and M.T Liao. At the beginning of its debut, Asus  created a prototype of the motherboard using an intel 486, at first it was limited, but the problem was solved  by  Asus  itself.

In 2005, it began to enter the LCD TV market and released the PhysX accelerator card exactly in September 2005. Then, in 2006, together with Lamborgh,they began to develop computers, in the same year this Taiwanese company also became one of the manufacturers of Microsoft Origami models.

2006 became  a decisive year for  this company, as  it achieved many successes and collaborated with various well-known companies such as Samsung and Founder Technology. Then, in August, she collaborated with GigabyteTechnology. Only finally did the service center open, namely the  Asus laptop service center.

Then, in 2008, it began to carry out a major restructuring by dividing into 3 independent companies, namely Asus focused on  branded computers and electronics, Pegatron a company focused on the production of motherboards and OEM components, Unihan Corporation focused on the production of non-computers.

  Asus Laptop products and their development

Founded in 1989, this electronic company has released various PC products, even now there is also an innovation of asus brand tablets. In addition, Asus laptop service center repair shops have also expanded to several regions to help consumers, one of which is the E410 type.

This type of computer is presented with a unique design and an affordable price, which is less than 5 million rupees. It’s an inch size and has a design like today’s VivoBook. This design looks simple, but has an elegant impression.  This  electronic item is suitable for accompanying daily activities.

Type E410 has innovative features that will certainly support the user’s performance. Thanks to these features, users can do more things and can increase productivity very conveniently when using it, one of which is the NumberPad function, this function makes it easier to enter data.

This NumberPad feature can be turned off and the touchpad can work as usual. Another thing is the hinge design, it  has a 180⁰ hinge design, so it becomes flexible for the   menu to show data to colleagues. If a problem occurs later, you can take it to the Asus laptop service center.  Here are the latest products:

  1. X409 : Rp. 4.049.000,-
  2. X415: IDR 6,699,000
  3. E402 : Rp. 4.299.000,-
  4. E203 : IDR 3.399.000,-
  5. E210 : Rp. 4.399.000,-
  6. F571 : Rp. 11.299.000,-
  7. M409 : Rp. 3.999.000,-
  8. X407 : Rp. 4.199.000,-
  9. X441: IDR 3,899,000

In its development, this Taiwanese company  increasingly has the  latest feature innovations and, of course, facilitates the work of consumers. Calling to work from home has made people increasingly need high-specic laptops to support their work. So that the  presence  of an  Asus laptop service center  is needed in the middle of the company.

Asus laptop innovations  from the first generation until now allow consumers to make a choice when determining electronic media to support work.   The latest innovation  is  a hanging screen that can be rotated up to 180⁰, in addition to making this innovation easier to work, it makes laptops more trendy.

List of Asus laptop service locations  in Indonesia

Asus  laptop service centers have expanded to almost all regions of Indonesia. The level of consumer society vis-à-vis Asus laptops   makes this official repair center very necessary. Consumers will surely feel safe and confident if the place to repair their laptop is original and reliable. Here is a list of the official Asus laptop repair centers in Indonesia.

  1. Jakarta

Komplex Agung Sedayu, Ruko Harco Mangga Dua Blok J č. 18-19, Jakarta

Námestie Ruko Mangga Dua Blok F č. 27-28, Jakarta

STC Senayan Lt.1 č. 1003A, Jalan Asia Afrika Pintu IX, Južná Jakarta

  1. Depok

Mestské námestie Depok Block GE 2 č. 2-3, Jl. Margonda Raya č. 403C, pekáreň Ruko Daniel, Depok

  1. Bogor

Jl. Achmad Yani č. 124 Ruko Burangrang č. 4 Cereálie land, Bogor

  1. Banten

Jl. M.H Tamrin No. 12E, Cikokol, Tangerang, Banten.

  1. Bekasi

Ruko Mega Kalimalang Kav. 8 č. 9. Jl. K.H Noer Ali, Pekayon Jaya, Bekasi

  1. Bandung

Ruko Jl, Gurame No. 18B Kel. Burangrang Kec. Lengkong Kota Bandung

  1. Cirebon

Jl. Tuparev č. 41B RT 2/3 Kec. Kedawung, Cirebon

  1. Yogayakarta

Okruh Námestie Kav 5 Jl. Okruh Utara KM 5, Condongcatur Depok, Yogyakarta

  1. Surabaya

Jl. Klampis Jaya č. 39, Surabaya

  1. Denpasar, Bali

Jl. Gunung Agung č. 146 Block 8, Denpasar

 Asus Laptop Service Center

Many people wonder how the service is when servicing, how much it costs, the warranty obtained. Asus Laptop  Service  provides consumers with maximumservice, both in repairs, original spare parts replacements   and repair warranties. These three things are certainly taken into account before performing the service.

During the pandemic, this   well-known electronics company is still opening service centers so that consumers don’t have to worry if they need repairs. First, make sure that your laptop is obtained from an official distributor so that you can take advantage of the warranty devices provided.

The fee charged by the Asus Laptop Service Center  is a repair fee for negligence in or outside the garage of a Rp. 150,000.00-, while a Rp 50,000 fee will be charged if you cancel a service order,-..   Service time can be up to about a week.

If spare parts are replaced, this period may be longer depending on the length of delivery of the goods. For the warranty provided by this Taiwanese product, it varies quite a bit depending on the repaired components. The duration of the warranty starts from 1 year to 10 years.

Nowadays, Asus presents various laptop innovations that will certainly make your work and everyday activities easier. Especially during a pandemic that requires you to work from home. In addition to providing quality products, Asus also provides a  laptop service center for  loyal Asus users.

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