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How and Conditions for Creating the Latest Mandiri ATM 2020

The techniques and conditions for making the latest Mandiri ATM in 2020 are actually simple. Mandiri ATM or Mandiri debit is a service offered  by banks to private customers of a current account and savings account to be able to transact in EDC machines or ATM machines.

If you want to have a Mandiri bank account, you must know the different types of cards issued by the bank, how and conditions for making Mandiri debt. This is done because Mandiri has a wide variety of savings and types of ATM cards.

If you don’t decide in advance which ATM card to choose, of course, when you arrive at the bank, you’ll be confused about choosing it. In addition to deciding which type of ATM to choose, you also have to decide on the type of savings you will take. After that, just find out how and conditions to make the latest Mandiri ATM in 2020.

Mandiri savings are currently a lot of options, this is due to the benefits and benefits offered. For example, like Fiestapoin, Fiestapoin is an app offered to customers to appreciate customer loyalty.

Customers will earn points earned from transactions, future points can be exchanged for various prizes such as accessories, vehicles or purchase vouchers. Customers can also check points freely. If you are interested in using Mandiri ATMs, here is more information.

Conditions Used to Create a Mandiri ATM

How and conditions to make the latest Mandiri 2020 ATM try to prepare it from home, so that after you arrive at the bank, the bank can perform the account opening process immediately according to your wishes and needs. Here are some conditions, preparing an initial deposit of IDR 500 thousand for Mandiri savings.

In addition to preparing money of 500 thousand IDRs, you also have to bring identification such as identification, if you do not have an ID, you can use a student card, as well as a parental consent letter. If you have an NPWP, you must show your NPWP. The original NPWP must be indicated whether the revenue you have is more than IDR 4 million.

Some ways to create a Mandiri ATM

As mentioned earlier, the method and conditions for creating the latest Mandiri 2020  ATM are simple, if you have prepared the terms above, you can immediately open an account alongside an ATM.

To create an account, you can do it directly at the branch office or online. If you want to open a branch office, you only need to submit all files for customer service. The procedure for openingn accounts is very simple, give methe steps of the process:

  1. You can fill out a form depending on the account you’ve chosen, make sure you fill it out clearly and accurately. Avoid scribbling, if there are too many scribbles that you create, you can request blank blanks back in customer service to avoid data input errors.


  1. After you have finished filling out all the forms, submit your initial NPWP and identity to customer service to copy. Later customer service will handle the opening of your account. Pay the initial deposit to the issuer, if the initial deposit is already logged, the debit card may be used.


  1. Don’t forget, if you got a passbook and a debit card, sign up those two documents. If you sign up, you can unlock features of banking and online access such as mobile banking and internet banking.

In addition to opening an account at a branch office directly or it can be called offline, you can also easily create an account online. The methods and requirements for making the latest Mandiri 2020 online ATM also do not differ significantly from being opened offline.

Online account openings can access the Mandiri website, then choose to open a new account, select mandiri savings and ATM card that suits your wishes. Fill in the complete data starting from the KPP number, and verify the OTP number. For the branch code section, you can fill in a branch whose location is close to home.

You can then upload a picture of your ID card and selfie. You can give an example of a signature on a white paper, later verify the video call and verify the digital signature. Create an SMS bank PIN. Make sure the pin number is not the same as the date of birth, verify the same number.

Mandiri ATM Card Type Selection

After learning the methods and conditions for making the latest Mandiri ATM in 2020 turned out to be easy, the thing to do is to know the choice of ATMs. As you know, Bank Mandiri offers a large selection of ATM cards to its customers. You can choose an ATM card based on your needs. The following are the types of cards:

  1. Mandiri Visa ATM Card. Mandiri Visa ATM Card is a debit card issued by Bank Mandiri and uses chip technology. This technology is provided to ensure the security of customer transactions, either at ATMs or when conducting purchase transactions.


  1. Mandiri GPN ATM card. The GPN payment card is a debit card with chip technology and GPN support. Since thelaunch of GPN, Mandiri has also issued several new cards, the difference being that for the old card, there is a GPN logo. With this NPG, people don’t need to transact in one bank.

A wide variety of ATM card benefits from Mandiri, how and provisions to make the latest Mandiri 2020 ATM easier. Mandiri provides security for transactions that are more secure than this card either from the bank, the merchant’s side or from the customer’s own side. In addition, the use of Mandiri GPN and Visa can reduce the criminalization of payment card data theft.

Transactions using GPN debit are also easier and better because we can use it on all EDC machines anywhere and anytime. Of course, if you want to make insurance premium payments, you can also do so easily. So it’s not just the way and conditions to make the latest Mandiri ATM in 2020 that is easy.

Types of Visa ATM and GPN Cards

After knowing the two types of ATM cards, namely Visa and GPN, before opening an ATM card or making an ATM card, you must select a card from the above two types. GPN and Visa are divided into several more card categories such as Silver, Gold to Platinum. The three are different.

  1. Mandiri Silver Cuts, Gold and Platinum GPN. On the money card range, the administrative fee is very cheap, it is only Rp. 2000 per month, but with the cash withdrawal limit, it is only Rp. 10 million per day. Regarding the Gold Type, the administrative fee is IDR 4500 per month and Platinum IDR 7500 per month.


If you choose a gold card, the transfer limit between ATMs can reach IDR 50 million per day equal to the trader’s usage limit, while with the money drumit reaches IDR 10 million per day. As for Platinum cards up to 100 million IDRs per day for transfers between accounts, it is equivalent to usage in EDC.


  1. Mandiri Silver, Gold and Platinum Visa Debits. Type of silver, administrative fee of RP 2500, Gold Type IDR 5500, and Platinum range 8500 per month. Similar to GPN, each type has its own limit, for example for Visa Platinum, the transfer limit for a non-Mandiri account is IDR 25 million.

It should be used as a note if NPG payments can only be used in Indonesia while Visa can be used abroad. However, for the GPN type, the cost is much cheaper than a VISA, you can choose based on your needs, especially how and conditions to make the latest Mandiri 2020 ATM easier.

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