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4 ways to contact the CALL Center PLN number depending on the problem

The existence of  a PLN call center number makes it easier for residents to contact the State Energy Company when they want to file a complaint or ask about the facilities it provides. As the name suggests, this company is run by the state, so that all electricity in the country is served by the company.

Since it has a great responsibility for electricity, of course this company must be more active in providing satisfactory services to loyal customers. One of them is to provide the easiest way for consumers when they want to contact them directly through a call center.

 The pln phone number   of the call center that can be contacted is 123. With this number, every consumer can find information and file a complaint about all matters related to his electrical services. Therefore, to explain what are the problems that can be solved with this number, you should see the explanation here.

Description of the service 123 PLN Free

Almost all Indonesians certainly cannot be separated from the services of this energy company. Because everyone needs electricity to make ends meet. Therefore, in order to provide convenience to consumers, a telephone number has been created that can be used by anyone.

As mentioned earlier, the phone number service is provided to maintain the quality and satisfaction of Indonesian citizens. As the number of electricity users increases, this forces the energy company to be better prepared to improve quality.

When quality drops, many customers automatically start and switch to using solar energy. Therefore, the presence of call center facilities is  expected  so that customers feel satisfied with all the services provided. It is interesting that you can use the service for 24 hours.

The service is therefore completely unlimited and free in order to maintain the satisfaction of customers who want to ask questions or even complain about the lack of facilities from this company. With this service, consumers can also directly order certain amenities.

For example, you want to replace electricity, install new and temporary connections, or even just report when some interference occurs. Not onlythanks to this connection , customers can also check their electricity bill every month without having to visit an official office.

Examples of electrical disturbances that can bereported to the Call Center PLN

Speaking of examples of interference, there are really no restrictions on complaints for consumers who want to report their problems to PLN. Because, of course, every problem caused by electricity has a big impact on the daily activities of the community, especially at night. Here is an example of a problem that can be presented:

  1. A power failure is one of the most worrying types of problems. This light failure problem may have occurred because the power source was lost from the central machine. So that consumers have no electricity and eventually the lights go out.
  2. Overvoltage is also the most annoying electrical problem, as it can cause the voltage to rise up to 2 times its original size. The cause of this problem usually occurs as a result of a lightning strike, so that the voltage is disturbed.
  3. In case of problems with SAG power supply, you can directly contact the CALL CENTER PLN, because this problem cannot be underestimated. When this problem occurs when the voltage is high or even the voltage drops to 80%, you need to report it. This interference occurs because you use electricity beyond its power.
  4. One of the most common, but rare problems is excessive and under tension. Although this does not cause the lights to go out, unfortunately this problem can actually cause constant problems. This means that the electronic equipment in the house is quickly damaged.
  5. Another electrical problem that can be transferred is the noise of the electrical line. That is, when an electric wave has problems because of many things. For example, since the electrical installation process is not suitable, there are radio frequency interferences and lightning strikes at once.

How to contact PLN Call Center

There are many problems that can be reported to the PLN service right away. So you no longer have to worry if there are electricity problems in your home or anywhere else. So you can contact the company via the Internet, and then all sorts of problems are solved immediately. To contact the call center:

  1. To contact the headquarters, you can call 123. This method has proven effective in helping to overcome electricity problems in the home before using the services of an electrician at a high cost. So it is enough to forward the complaint, and then the PLN officer immediately jumped to the place of the problem. This service can be accessed 24 hours.
  2. In addition to going through the number 123, you can also use the area code to contact the CALL CENTER PLN. The trick is to add the code of the area where you live, followed by the number 123. This method proved to be faster to operate directly than just pressing the 123 button.
  3. Any problems with electricity and complaints can also be solved by contacting PLN via e-mail. You can contact them through the or check directly through the official website in It is here that any problem will be quickly solved.
  4. Another way to contact this company is to contact this company directly via social media. So there are many ways to communicate with this company. One of them is Facebook and Twitter. Any critical suggestions can be provided directly by @pln_123 or 123 PLN.

Advantages of PLN Call Center services

Thanks to the call center facilities provided by this state-owned company, it certainly provides many benefits to all customers and employees. Therefore, this service is considered the best solution for quickly solving all electrical problems. Here are the pros!

  1. The presence of this latest service makes all the facilities of this company even more centralized. Because by dialing phone number 1, all customers can contact the PLN exchange directly to make a complaint or when they want to add service facilities at home.
  2. Since the system is centralized, this makes the PLN call center more integrated with its services. This means that this company is more modern, as anyone can contact their official contacts directly non-stop without having to pay credit immediately. So there are no class restrictions here, because everything is served.
  3. With this latest service, it makes it easy for all customers to meet their needs without having to leave their homes. It is interesting that the facility can be accessed by anyone without credit. So, anyone who wants to ask for help directly does not have to think about the cost of contacting him, because everything is free.

Looking at the above explanation, it can be concluded that all current electrical problems can be overcome more easily and practically. Only by phone  and press  123 zł call center under the free, then all electrical problems can be solved immediately at any time non-stop.

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