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Call center Tokopedia, our special attention paid to customers

The Tokopedia call center is deliberately provided for the convenience of customers as sellers, buyers and service users. As one of the large companies in Indonesia, of course,  many important things  must be considered in detail  . Including paying attention to customers so that you can collaborate more comfortably or use our business services.

Tokopedia is considered a  large company  that has a smooth path without any obstacles until it is as big as it is now. In fact, there are many steep paths that we have  to  go through, but we are still excited to be able to make our dreams come true. Innovations continue to be made to improve the best services, increase the type of business and maximize existing opportunities.

Knowing the story of our journey is very interesting and currently runs different types of businesses. There is also a Tokopedia call center service that makes it easier for customers to file complaints, obstacles or seek advice.  And there is a live chat service that can be used with separate terms and conditions that will be explained below.

The story of Tokopedia’s founding journey until it grows up

Our founders are young people who have a high passion for building bridges between rural and urban communities. High urbanization causes a lot of goods to be collected in the city, while the village has difficulties in accessing. These goods or products become expensive due to transport restrictions and various other causes.

William Tanuwijaya and Leontinus Alpha Edison are the founders of Tokopedia who have similar life experiences and challenges. Their long  journey was not easy, because at first their dreams often laughed. Dreams that are considered too high continue to be fought for so that they can turn a large company into what it is now.

Interest in customers is important in order to have special  tokopedia call center services available. Due to the fact that customers come from different circles, different cities or regions in Indonesia, which creates new challenges. Anyobstacles that arise continue to be taken into account in order to provide comfort and jointly realize the dream of success.

Tokopedia decided to work with BTS as a brand ambassador, as BTS is seen as building a positive image. Tokopedia and BTS build a vision that is consistent with both benefiting from the collaboration. Currently, our company is successful, but never feels satisfied with continuing to innovate.

Different types of businesses that operate orLeh Tokopedia

Tokopedia is actually known as a big name company in Indonesia, especially as a marketplace. It turns out that there are still many types of businesses that were operated for convenience and the best service for customers. The following is a brief explanation of the types of business of Tokopedia and obtaining more complete information in the Tokopedia call center.

  1. Market

As a trusted marketplace, we securely connect sellers with marketplaces or buyers. You can easily sell a variety of products, because the available market is very wide and unlimited. Similarly, it is easier for buyers to find products according to their needsat more affordable prices and save on shipping costs.

  1. Financial services

There are many options for financial services that are considered easier, busanywhere and anytime.  We’ve worked with trusted partners to make financial services safer in the long run, such as:

  • Bottom
  • Gold
  • Online loans
  • Capital loans
  • Credit card
  • Insurance
  1. New retail

Mitra Tokopedia is used as a bridge that facilitates online and offline sales. Customers can use this service to reach customers more widely using online methods. This service has  been noticed by the Tokopedia call center as a  digital partner, while your offline store continues to operate as usual.

  1. Logistics dan fulfillment

We use a proven logistics and fulfillment system to make delivery easier and safer because it is integrated. Sellers have the freedom to store products in our warehouses, which are available throughout Indonesia. While the buyer can determine when the package will be received to make it easier for the delivery system.

Flow opedia Care services that are accessibled i Official website

We provide the Tokopedia call center as proof of interest in loyal customers who join us. You can go to our official website  where you will getvarious complete information about the type of business that is operated. Here are some service options available in Tokopedia care, along with instructions on how to use it.

  1. Select the constraint that occurs

If you experience problems using Tokopedia, you don’t have to worry or panic first. It is best to take a breath and then find a solution by looking for a solution on the website. Open the official website and then search for a help center or Tokopedia / help later you will see several options for what it is all about.  Choose a topic as a hub for the obstacles you face, including:

  • Problems with my account
  • My order limits
  • Limitations of the payment process
  • Limitations of the transport process
  • Refund restrictions
  • Impose restrictions on complaints
  • Promotions and many more
  1. Report a crime

The Tokopedia call center provides a crime reporting function if you feel you have an adverse problem. Intended problems such as account hijacking, credit cards such as those already used by others. Even receiving suspicious messages, especially on behalf of Tokopedia, such as prize wins or promotions, even if they have never taken place before.

Do not hesitate to report it and for mutual convenience we will process it as soon as possible. Don’t easily trust different promotions or prizes that aren’t clearly earned. It is better to directly confirm our customer service so that the information obtained is clear and accurate in truth.

Tokopedia Live Chat servicewith terms and conditions

We provide convenience to users by providing Tokopedia call center services  via live chat. This service is in great demand because it is very easy to use with a fairly quick response. There are 3 types of live chat that are distinguished by terms and conditions to make it easier to find information.

  1. Live chat in general

The service is characterized by gold-level customers, the main requirement of which is platinum-level customers. The initial customer response at the gold level with Chatbot, after 3x can only connect with customer service. Meanwhile, platinum-level customers instantly see live chat boxes and are automatically connected to customer service.

  1. Živý chat power merchant

This service is only provided to  sellers who subscribe to powerful merchants accessible through the Sales Hub. This service is provided specifically for sales claims only or specifically for sellers. The team will wait 2 minutes, if no subsequent response is received, the chat will end automatically.

  1. O2O live chat

The O2O live chat service is provided only specifically for Tokopedia Partners khu sus, which is already officially registered and has an account. Only customers have problems with sales and special purchases of Mitra Tokopedia. Each   customer must be registered, can directly click on the live chat and can connect with customer service.

As a large company in Indonesia, we continue to develop ourselves and our passion for service innovation. So that every customer who joins us feels the different conveniences of the service. It is not surprising that the services of the Tokopedia call center  are always considered and preferred for your convenience as our partner.

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