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Last West Japan’s online motor vehicle tax repayment guide 2021

The Boar Motorbike taxi online in western Java and all parts of Indonesia now are onlineor online.

However, avaition of avasion is still unequivocal. The regions already have non-donated and they have not made any contributions. But on 4.0, we believe that everything will be dealt with earlier, so that people don’t have to go to the table to pay taxes. Opportunities and cost pressures can be mitigated.

As a result of then Yes, it should start with an online SON application or a national online petition.

This is easier for those who don’t want to drive. Indonesia or anywhere in the country.

Up to J. Kakkee on the cycle, the star had to smasha motor or a carto the nearest office.

Download Provincial or Territorial Samsung Online Application

First, download or download the instruction. This request must be correct. Then put them in the game or Apple. Please list the correct phrases so you can make mistakes. To make it easier, check the feedback from users. The minimum use of the application is priced at 4.

Click on the posted password to complete it itself. Applying and ios ta npacers should no longer be worried if it doesn’t have a complex application.

Wait until the installation is complete so you can pay the Murdoch tax online in western Japan, central Japan, and all parts of Indonesia.

While it’s easy for the size ofnYes it’s not very much.  Only a few of the MB seems to be simple.

Provincial and Territorial Digital Samsar’s Registration Process

This registration process is similar to other websites. Of course, it should be because paying motorized taxes online in Northwest Japan and Indonesiaare handled online.  The first salad should be registered for the signature of the menu.

Start with the RCMP number, card number, photo number, personal contact number, and email. The current emails are now important.   Google, yahoo, Rocket, Bing, etc. However, the best option forGoogle is easy.  The rappory growth makes it easier.

Click next or next button. Will be displayed on the registration documents and payroll certificate. The certificate can be used for payment. BISa is an online pillar through many options.  It is recommended that you don’t want to stay longer.

However, we can use a better way to move the bank. Mobile phone finance can be managedonly by mobile phones only.  Click and click on all the finishes.

It is unfortunate that the terms of the payment guidelines are usually limited. Especially the Rental Act is longer. It takes a lot of hours and it’s still time. Complete the payment for the next step so you can enter. Feel free to choose which methods are used for you as soon as possible.

Required Approval of Motorcycle STNK

After paying a motorbike online in West Java, you can use the  receipt for repayment of repayments however, do not go to Samsung’s office before you bring it.

  1. Attach a valid receipt

Nowadays, all signs are real. If you use e-KTP, it is clear that everything is safe. So for those who don’t have it yet, it’s done as quickly as we can in the office because the process is fast.


  1. Bring STNK

It’s clear to pay for the motor tax online here, West Java.


  1. Possession of Old TB

Proof of repayment of prior year’s payment requirements must also be disclosed. This is to ensure that the owner pays the taxes properly.  If it doesn’t, of course, they will be fined.   The bill depends on how long the debtors pay taxes.


  1. Powers of attorney general when appointed

If you ask the Representative to submit the terms of the agreement. In 2013-2014, 2014-15, 2015-16, 20 progress in dealing with papers is required.

Desition to use the software. Do you still have to go to Tatabi, again, that the proposal still has to be dealt with by Samsung to make it clear.

Motorized STNK Support Systems

Paying the Murphy tax online in western Japan, central Japan, andbeyond Indonesia has been done.  Meet contract requirements.   To the closest Samsung office.

For the purposes of this process, it is appropriate to enter a special desk with all documents included. So the director will table all the documents. Check the original documents forprocessing.   If everything was the same as the list number and the RCMP, that process was proclased as successful and it was just given.

You just have to wait according to the food. Now I’m ready to bring the paint home.  Take care of changing the plate, wait for follow-up procedures from the worker. They are just told to wait for a few minutes. So that will be dealt with while this process is waiting. The pl is ready to be taken home and connected to the engine.

Another benefit can be accessed through a rapid process. In addition, risiko pungli is no longer there because all systems are being processed online. Sistem is getting ahead and more realistic.

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