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Solution slot for Gojack Call Centre and key to its great success

Gojack Call Center has a role to play in the rapid growth of one of the companies growing in this digital age. This evolving and evolving era is leading to the development of all modern and sophisticated technologies in the world, and that is one of the reasons why many start-up type companies are growing rapidly.

With the convenience of transport providers and a wide range of service providers, Go-Jack is growing rapidly and the problem is also tense, and its shares are likely to be listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Investors will expand in their quest for capital.

With the Gojack Call Centre, a sudden problem  makes  it easier for the company to relax and complain, with many problems that bother users and customers of the Go-Jack service, but so far the company has correctly overcome them.

As users of the application, we have a wide range of confidence in the community so that we can have full confidence in the company. Although there are now many companies trying to shake Go-Jack’s position as one of the leading and most expensive sellers in the industry, it still seems to have no effect. The proof of this is that its popularity remains at its highest level to date.

GoJack call centers are sometimes one of the busiest places, because customers and drivers themselves have a number of field problems so that shifts in this section are always active and complete, and employees of this call center section, especially customers and customers who use the application, must always be focused and responsive when calls come   in, TID Ak Hale said.

The beginning of Gojack’s airborne

Go-Jack is now a wide-ranging community trend on various fronts. All digital things bring more happiness to the public. In fact, the start of the company’s rise is the result of a founder’s concern that base cycle taxis are struggling for passengers, waiting for a long time.

Instead of spending too much time waiting for passengers every day,  through GoJack’s call center-based service, the company’s founder finally decided to create a business agency called Go-Jack, which first had only 20 drivers in 2010, and over time has evolved in a very short period of four years.

The development marks a smart breakthrough for founder Nadim Makarim in 2014 with the innovation of an Android-based application. So with this application, motorcycle taxis are easily ordered to deliver to specific destinations. It was the beginning of an explosion called go-jack.

 Then GoJack’s call center service  is also becoming increasingly capable of becoming an integrated complaint centre, with the company responding quickly to any problems faced by application users, which is given to Go-Jack to anticipate the bad things that might happen to customers, with two customers, drivers as well as delivery service users.

Gojack Business Exchange

Although it was the beginning of its rise in Indonesia, it just didn’t want to take his big name in the country. The owner is also eyeing market share in Southeast Asia. There are three other ASEAN countries involved by Go-Jack. This is because it is easier to find transportation to relocate establishments.

Vietnam was the first ASEAN country outside Indonesia. But in Vietnam, the name is not Go-Jack, but Go-Viet. “It’s alive to the name of the country. This go-viet finally got up and was able to start service in 2018. Despite the pros and cons, the company’s growth in Vietnam is rapidly improving and the call center is improving.

Then, in the same year, Go-Jack also expanded its business to Thailand under the name Geet. Get is growing rapidly in thailand, which is heavily populated, especially for tourism activities. On the other hand, that is one solution for reducing unemployment, because it also provides employment for the wider Community.

Gojack’s call center was once again busy on duty after go-jack’s attempt to reach Singapore was successfully recorded as they operated throughout Singapore in 2019, where the company has a very good market share, capable of making a more profitable business and making extraordinary profits, encouraging investors to invest.


After the start of the appearance of Pros & Cons, the company eventually attracted the attention of other companies and major parties willing to invest in the company. Since 2015, it has seen a large number of parties of people and big companies who want to invest in Gojack.

The first was injected into GoJack by DST Global in 2015, along with NSI Ventures and Secola Capital. That’s why in 2014,  when the story became so exciting about this coal center-based application  – these companies also had as much gas as they could invest in profits for the company.

Many other companies then felt and wanted to lose gojack to invest in the form of his capital. Companies such as KKR, Warberg Pinkus, Capital Group and most recently Farlon Capital invested in GoJack in 2016. They see the company’s potential very well in the future.

Finally, GoJack Call Center employees and  all internal parties are keen to provide the best service by injecting huge investments from Google, Astra International and Djaram in 2018.Facebook and PayPal want to lose idak by investing in the company.


The good system is one of the things that makes users of this application feel safe if something unwanted happens. That’s why its 24-hour non-stop availability  makes users feel no worries at all.  If they have a problem or error at 8 p.m., the service remains active.

Because of Gojack’s call center service, it’s the dreams of people or the wider community, especially Layas, because the ease with which we order various things doesn’t have to get us right there to buy something. Just order through a gadget and then everything will be in front of us.

Don’t remember if there was a nice promo regarding some discounts. It allows its users to reduce its costs. Such as free shipping and discounted prices for meals. The offer is part of marketing strategies for navigating the competition in the digital world. It is legal to do so in order to attract the attention of consumers.

The world is evolving, and humans also prefer what they feel of practical smell, but to make things that don’t cost money and more energy. Use existing applications wisely without harming anyone. Gojack’s call center is always in trouble at any time.

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