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Recipe for a Western Javanese drink, must try

Indonesia is indeed very rich in various foods and drinks, one  of which  is a typical West Javanese recipe for a drink whose taste is unquestionable. The West Java region  is famous not only  for its beautiful  natural  scenery, but the various culinary delights in this city are also very famous throughout the archipelago. One of them is the variety of typical drinks  such as bajigur, bandrek and frozen goyobod.

Visiting  the West Java region is not complete if you do not taste a culinary tour.  The cuisine of the inhabitants of Sundanese is already very popular, and there is no need to doubt its pleasure. However, not only is the food delicious, a variety of West Javanese drinks are also a very boom you try.

The West Java region  is known as high land, so it has a fairly high temperature.   No wonder body warming drinks are  so popular here.   Some of them are like a bajigur and bandrek.  However, this does not mean  that you can not find fresh drinks if you visit this region.   During the  day, it is best if you like fresh ice goyobod .

Currently, finding sellers of typical West Javanese drinks, such as bajigur and bandrek,  is  not  difficult. However, instead of buying,  you can also make your own recipe  for  a West Javanese drink at home.   What are they and what are  the ways to make them, check out the following reviews:

Recipe for bandrek drink from Western Javanese

Bandrek is a traditional  Western Javanese  drink  made  from  a decoction of  palm sugar and ginger.   The drink has a sweet taste and a warm feeling of ginger addition.   As a complement to the usual bandrek, it is served with the addition of young scrapers from coconut meat.   To do this, the recipe and method are as follows:


  1. Ginger 80 grams
  2. Cloves 4 grains
  3. Granulated sugar 2 tablespoons
  4. Brown sugar 75 grams
  5. Cinnamon 6 cm
  6. Pandan leaves 2 pieces
  7. Air 500 ml
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Young coconut meat

How to make this typical recipe for a Western Javanese drink:

  1. Bring the water to a boil, then put the burnt and squeezed ginger
  2. Add the brown sugar and stir until dissolved
  3. Add cloves, pandan leaves, cinnamon, granulated  sugar  and salt
  4. Wait for it to boil and give off a fragrant smell
  5. Turn off the stove and strain
  6. Serve the bandrek in a glass with the addition  of young  meat k elapa. You can also add sweetened condensed milk   as well as.

Recipe for a Western Javanese bajigur drink

In addition to the bandreku, bajigur is  also a typical Western  Javanese drink, which is famous for being   able to warm the body.   At first glance, bajigur and bandrek have the same appearance. However, the  recipe for this Western Javanese drink is actually different.   To make a bajigur, the  ingredients and recipes are as follows:


  1. Coconut milk 1.5 liters (one coconut bean)
  2. Ground coffee 1/2 tablespoon
  3. Brown sugar 150 grams
  4. Granulated sugar 100 grams
  5. Ginger 200 grams
  6. Pandan leaves 3 pieces
  7. Cinnamon 2 cm
  8. Salt 1/2 tsp
  9. Kolang-kaling

How to make a typical recipe for a Western Javanese bajigur drink :

  1. Cook coconut milk and brown sugar to dissolve
  2. Put  the burnt and pressed ginger
  3. Add granulated sugar, cinnamon, pandan leaves, ground coffee and salt
  4. Wait for it to boil, stirring constantly   , so that the coconut milk does not crack
  5. If it boiled, turn off the stove and strain
  6. Serve the bajigur in a glass or bowl with the addition of kaling kolang slices to make it tastier.

Goyobod West Javanese ice drink recipe

Although famous for its cool   and sometimes even cold weather, the city of West Java also has a legendary ice recipe. One of them is goyobod ice, which  is already very popular, especially for Sundanese.   This drink  is a traditional ice from the Garut  region  of West  Java.   In this typical Recipe for a Western Javanese drink, the ingredients are very easy as follows:


  1. Hungkwe flour  60 grams
  2. Air 350 ml

Supplementary materials  :

  1. Red syrup
  2. Cassava tape 100 grams
  3. Avocado 1 piece
  4. Thick coconut milk
  5. Black glutinous rice tape
  6. Kolang kaling
  7. Young coconuts
  8. Sweetened condensed milk
  9. Es batu

How to make a delicious Western Javanese recipe for a frozen goyobod drink  :

  1. First, make the syrup , boiling water and brown sugar until it boils and thickens, then add the red dye to taste.  Repeal
  2. Mix the hunkwe flour with water, then mix thoroughly. Heat the dough mixture until it boils and thickens
  3. Form the goyobod dough in a baking dish and let it sit down until it cools and hardens completely
  4. Cut into small pieces of dough that have cooled and put in a bowl along with other complementary ingredients.
  5. Add ice cubes and water with red syrup and condensed milk
  6. You can already enjoy the fresh goyobod ice  typical of West Java.

Oyen West Javanese ice drink recipe

Es oyen is a typical  Western Javanese ice booster  that has no doubt about its taste.   At first glance, oyen ice is no different from mixed ice from other regions, but there is an extra sweet corn that makes the  taste  even tastier.   The recipe for this typical Western Javanese drink is also not complicated, so you can make your own at home.   The ingredients used to make oyen ice are as follows:

Oyen ice ingredients:

  1. Ripe avocado  one fruit
  2. Ripe jackfruit to taste
  3. Young coconuts
  4. Kolang-kaling
  5. Chinese girl
  6. Sweetcorn
  7. Syrup
  8. Sweetened condensed milk
  9. Es batu

How to make a recipe for this typical Western Javanese drink es oyen:

  1. Prepare a bowl and arrange all the fillings in a bowl
  2. Add ice cubes to taste, then pour water with condensed milk and red syrup
  3. Fresh and  tempting ice oyen ready to serve

The filling for ice byyen can be properly adapted to every  taste. However, there are ingredients that are characteristic of this mixed ice are Chinese henna and  sweet corn. So if you want to make your own ice at home, make sure both ingredients  aren’t listed.   This is done so that you can enjoy the taste of authentic West Java.   For red syrup,  you can also make your own or buy ready-made .

Talking about  West Javanese   cuisine  will never end.   In addition to theSundan food, which no longer has doubts about its deliciousness, you must also try a variety of West Javanese drinks . However, if you do not want to  buy it, you can  also try it yourself  to prepare a typical recipe for a West Javanese drink at home,  as it is simple and definitely delicious.

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