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Bri Syariah bank code  has a function as a tool to make transfers between banks. If you do not understand the bank code then it will not be possible to make the transfer. Therefore, when you want to transact, you must first understand the code.

The bank code is not only for Islamic banks. But a conventional bank requires its code before making a transfer. But it should be understood that the bank code between BRI Syariah and conventional BRI is different. This is because the bank’s management system is different even though it has the same name.

BRI Syariah ATM  has various types, namely Emerald, Gold, Silver and Hasanah Debit GPN. Each type has a different transfer limit. In addition to many who ask what is the bank code of BRI Syariah. There are also questions that are often asked by the public regarding the transfer process.

Among them is why it always fails in the transfer process. There are two problems that make people fail to transfer. The first is because it is wrong to fill in the account number. And the second is to enter the wrong bank code. Therefore, before trading do it carefully.

So before making a transfer between banks, you must prepare the account number first. Only then do you have to prepare the code as well. If you  enter these two things wrong then the transfer process will never be able to do, it will definitely fail continuously.

Bank Code BRI Syariah dan BRI Conventional Is the Same

The answer to the subtitles above is different. So although maybe most people think it is the same butactually rnya different. The standard BRI bank code  is 002, while for sharia is 422. Then whether the transfer between BRI Syariah bank and konvensional requires a transfer code.

Then the answer is to have to, because even though it has the same name. But the banking process of the two has run independently. That’s why the interbank transfer process must still use their respective bank codes. Continue, whether the transfer between BRI Syariah and  BRI conventional is subject to bank admin fees.

Will not be hit with the cost of the deduction at all. Everything is free even though the standard BRI Syariah and  conventional BRI bank codes  are different. After understanding this, you can already carry out the transfer process between BRI or to other banks. What must definitely be remembered is the destination number of your transaction.

If there is a problem when making a transfer via ATM or due to a money withdrawal error. Then you can contact the bri Syariah bank call center. Thus all transactions you can  do easily and all of them will not be subject to any fees. All complaints of problems will be resolved quickly.

Nowadays more and more people are using BRI Syariah ATMs  as a place to store their money. The switch between Islamic banks from conventional banks is one of the efforts of Muslims to make Transactions islamically. For that, let’s discuss the origin of bri Syariah bank.

History of Bank BRI Syariah

Before talking about how to find out the bank code of BRI Syariah then let’s study the history of the establishment of  the BRI Syariah bank  . The bank was established in 2008, starting from the acquisition of PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) against Jasa Arta bank on December 19, 2007

The establishment of BRI Syariah began from the transfer of PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero), Tbk., against Bank Jasa Arta on December 19, 2007 and in 2008 on October 16 and has obtained a permit from BI (Bank Indonesia). By letter number 10/67/KEP. GBI/DpG/2008 then PT. Bank BRI Syariah can run its business.

After officially operating, BRI Syariah bank  uses the Sharia system in carrying out the banking process. The bank became one of the most widely used banking services by the community. With a system based on the Qur’an and hadith, many people pay attention to this bank.

Once official, there is a BRI Syariah bank code  that distinguishes between conventional banks. Currently BRI Syariah bank  becomes the top 3 of all Islamic banks in Indonesia. That way it has become a plus itself, so it is no wonder that many use BRI Syariah banks.

Even so, Islamic banks have not been completely separated from conventional banks. Because in the process of running, BRI Syariah still uses network access from  conventional BRI banks  . Especially forhis ATM unit. Which is always adjacent to conventional banks. Here we will guide you how to use the bank code.

How to Use BRI Syariah Bank Code

There are still many people who do not understand how to make interbank transfers through ATMs. Here we will explain clearly, so that you know it clearly. The first is to find the ATM machine closest to your area. Then enter, if it is crowded then queue according to the sequence number.

When you have entered the ATM machine, then insert your ATM card  into the machine. After that you will be asked to choose a language, there are two languages, namely English and Indonesian. After choosing the language, you must then enter the ATM card pin number.

Remember not to enter the wrong pin, because if it gets wrong 3 times in a row then your card  will be blocked. To open it, you must come to the  nearest BRI Syariah bank office  . After successfully inserting the pin, then you will be taken to the initial view of the BRI bank ATM  .

Select another transaction. Then select the transfer menu. Choose the name of the intended bank. If the transfer between banks BRI then choose fellow banks, but if the bank object chooses interbank transfer. For example, we will transact between BRI banks. Then enter the  BANK CODE BRI Syariah.

The code is 422, then followed by the destination account number. After that press correctly, then you have to enter the nominal amount of money to be transferred. If you have entered press the correct button. The ATM machine will process it, wait until the process is completed and exit the receipt of proof of transaction.

Transaction di Bank BRI Syariah

Many people already use the BRI Syariah bank code  as a tool to transact. They all do it for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons that are widely used is because in Islamic banks the system is in accordance with Islamic teachings. So that anyone will never do bank interest or riba.

In addition to being in accordance with Islamic teachings, Islamic banks also guarantee all their transactions without illicit money. So in Islamic banks all the money in circulation is halal money. Because the bank will not accept money that is not clear of origin. Or money from gambling proceeds.

Therefore, it will not be possible for people to transact in Islamic banks if they have a history of unclear money, or from the results of transactions, theft and others. For that reason, it is not surprising that many people switch from conventional banks to Islamic banks.

But there are still many people who do not understand about islamic banks. Starting from the money system circulating in it. And also related to the transaction process at the ATM. Many people equate the convensional  bank code with the BRI Syariah bank code  when it is different.

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