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Logitech Services Center, Location and Important Information

Maybe you are now looking for a Logitech service center.   Logitech is one of the most familiar brands in our ears, especially for those in the digital industry or have a hobby of gaming.Founded in 1981, the company is a private company in Switzerland.

Whether in its own country, or in other countries like Indonesia, Logitech is truly widely used as an alternative. Of course, this is because of the quality it provides. Logitech even combines software and hardware for different software, communications and entertainment.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this product belonging to Logitechcan improve and now activity in the digital world such as hi buran, communications and security.As an electronic device, although it is of good quality, of course, the product from Logitech can be damaged.

When damage occurs, you can perform the service immediately. Equipment services can be passed through official service facilities such as a service center or a typical service facility. However, if you want the device to be repaired professionally, of course the Logitech Service Center is the answer. this is the location and information.

Logitech Brand Service Center Location

Among many hardware products on the market, Logitech can be said to be the top brand, in addition to this brand being the main sponsor of various game competitions, but Logitech is also widely known for having interesting products. If you have a product from Logitech and want to do the service, this is the place.

The location of the service center from Logitech is only in Jakarta. You can visit the Representative Office of Logitech. The site is located at Jalan Lodan Raya 2, Block J4-J5. This representative office amounted to 0221 69831010. If you want to visit this agent’s office, be sure to visit on Sunday.

In general, this office runs out on Saturday and Sunday. In addition to visiting the representative office, you can also visit a service center located in East City. The address of this Logitech Service Center is on Jalan Cipinang Baru 3, 4 Jakarta. This official service center is 0221 4570276.

If you don’t know the location, you can use Google Map, and later you will be directed to the location. Similar to the Logitech Representative Office, this service center is open only on Sundays, so be sure in advance if you want to visit or do a service here.

How to do a service if it’s out of town

The Logitech products spread to parts of Indonesia, of course The Logitech buyers come from various regions, not just from Jakarta. If you come from outside the city and want to do the service, there are a lot of ways you can do it. Without having to go to the Logitech Service Center.

  1. Make a claim through the store. You can make a claim at the store where you bought the Logitech unit. Typically, later from the store will send the service to the official service centre or to the distributor; actually, if you use this method longer, but what is certain is that the problem can be handled properly.
  2. Carry out a product turnaround through the store. Normally, if the machine is damaged before 7 days, you can replace the agency. Basically, the Logitech warranty period is 2 years, but if the product is previously damaged, you can make a warranty claim. However, normally the return of the agency to the parties involved can be made if you have made a pre-contract.
  3. Perform services through vendors. In addition to passing through the store and visiting the service center.  You can do a service at the seller; this seller will later send the product to the relevant section, like the store, the difference is that if through the seller, the product can be checked faster.You can choose the service as you want.

Logitech Service Center via Reseller

If you come from outside Jakarta and want to do the service, services through distributors can be the best option. Moreover, Logitech has a lot of distribution partners in Indonesia, you just have to adapt to the distributor you buy the product from.

Logitech service center pertama, Gifera Odo Technology. Gifera Odo Technology is one of the licensed vendors from Logitech. Gifera Odo Technology is involved in ICT, Gifera Odo Technology not only sells products, but also designs communications systems with Logitech products as one of its components.

Second, PT. Nusantara Tridaya Innovation. Pt. Nusantara Tridaya Inovasi is also a seller of Logitech, a variety of products sold such as logitech cameras. Pt. Nusantara Tridaya Inovasi is a participating company in the field of system operators, so most of the people who use it are some companies.

Third, PT. Global indonesian distribution. Perhaps, you like to hear the name of the COMPANY PT. Global Distribution Indonesia. Pt. Global Distribution Indonesia is a company that sells computer appliances. The circle that makes purchases through this vendor is also very extensive, in addition to which you can also make a lot of shopping.

Logitech Service Center Limited doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore, especially with suggestions about being able to easily find a product vendor owned by Logitech.Normally, when you make a purchase of a product from this vendor, the seller will later help make a claim.

Product vendors from Logitech are not only limited to the above companies, there are many other vendors and spread across Indonesia, so you don’t have to worry. As long as the guarantee period of the product you have is valid, you can make a warranty claim if it happens laterruswill be an element.

Be sure to perform services in official locations

After all, doing the service is more recommended through the Logitech Service Center.   By doing services in official locations, the products you serve are later really well done;for example, checking all components.When errors occur, component inspections are carried out to the maximum.

In addition, if you have to change the components, you will later get the original component, so that even after doing the service, you will later still feel logitech’s performance which is no different. Therefore, doing services in official locations is highly recommended.

The Logitech component service in the official site also guarantees quality assurance, this is because the Logitech products you serve are made by professional staff, even if they have a special certificate so that they can enter Logitech, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the service.

The duration of the service is also very clear. If you do a service in a normal service facility, the duration of the service can be very long, but in official locations, when the damage caused is just mild and there is no need for component replacement, you even have to wait a day or two, your hardware returns.

Doing hardware services in official service facilities from Logitech is truly profitable, in addition to how much can be done to provide the agencies we still get the best service, even if we come from outside Jakarta. So, visit the Logitech Service Center now to do the service or visit the Logitech partner.

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