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The West Java logo has a million hopes for its people

The creation of a symbol of something is certainly as wise, as well as the West Java logo. The various parts of the logo or emblem certainly have their own philosophies. The symbol also includes depictions of various principles of life that exist in the surrounding community and of course various other cultural ornaments.

The process of selecting shapes into colors and details is certainly not arbitrary. There is an expert , who is responsible for ensuring that there is a certain meaning and meaning in each part. All the emblems used in government and regions undoubtedly reflect the uniqueness and exclusivity of the territory itself.

As for the shape and color, at first glance it is common, but  this West Java logo has a deep meaning and is also unique if you look closely. Especially if you already understand the meaning you want to convey from every detail that exists. I really just realized that there is something unusually implied in every logo ornament.

Regional emblems are not only used as symbols, but also depict various things that belong to the region itself. However, it also inserts various long-term expectations for the lives of its people. The same goes for the creation of a logo  in West Java to present all the prayers for this region.

Depiction of a special philosophy on the symbol of West Java

The West Java logo has a round shape resembling an egg, of course, it is clearly visible. Protect yourself with a shield from all forms of danger and other things from the outside. Of course, the meaning of self-protection is also quite widely interpreted both personally and regionally.

In the middle of this shield shape, there is a picture of a kuyang with 5 holes on one side. As many already know,  the kujang weapon actually comes from the  Sundanese  tribe and in ancient times the people of the  West Java  region  used it for various needs. Meanwhile, the presence of pits, a total of five weapons, illustrates  the number of precepts at the bottom of the country.

The left and right  kujang of the West Java logo contain photos of rice and cotton branches.   Of course, rice is the main food consumed by most Indonesians, as well as West Java. However, this rice is also used to describe the existence of dietary fertility. Although cotton is intended for the fertility of clothing.

In the picture of  rice and cotton  , it turns out that there is still a hidden meaning, namely the  date and month of the proclamation of Indonesian  independence  . It is depicted with seeds in rice, a total of 17 and 8 cotton flower flowers. So, with the merger, August 17 is the time when the independence of this beloved country is proclaimed.

Natural wealth in the symbol of the West Java region

If you look closely, on the logo of the province of West Java you will find a mountain located in the area under the symbol pad i and cotton. Of course, this mountain view illustrates the location of West Java in terms of its geographical location, which consists of many mountainous areas.

After that, you will see a  slow g river  at  the bottom of the left side  , still discussing the area.   Several rivers flow in the area and of course this is useful for various needs, including irrigation in  rice fields. So that  the emblem  , of course, is not left behind.

Similarly, the logo  of the west Java province at the bottom right is depicted as a plot. There is no doubt that this depiction is about rice fields and orchards, which are actually the livelihoods and economic support of  the majority of  west Javanese people   .

There is another hidden emblem – the dam at the bottom of the logo. This means that the irrigation of the area is actually more concentrated, because  the  area is  actually  a location for  rice fields and plantations. Therefore, irrigation problems must be considered properly so that every agrarian activity carried out by the community can run smoothly.

Deep meaning of colors

In addition to these jewelry, the West Java logo also has several colors in each of its parts. So this choice of color completes every deep meaning on the coat of arms of the area.

The upper shield uses green as athread of sluggish fertility and prosperity of  its own land area. Although the surrounding yellow color is a symbol of fame and splendor.

You can see the symbol of the mountain using black as a symbol of constancy and immortality. Further, what applies to the blue color implies peace and tranquility. It is a prayer for  the  life of  the people  of the West Java region  , so that it is always there in a sense of  peace  and tranquility without the confusion of problems between them.

White and red are also on the logo of the province of West Java. The meaning of the color red is the courage and purity, purity, as well as the caution of the white color. The hope of courage and a sincere heart is expressed through the use of such a combination of colors in the coat of arms of this area.

It contains many implicit things, starting with each ornament, as well as the colors and patterns written in it. Perhaps, at first glance, only most of it is visible, but it turns out that there are various small things, as well as details of the coat of arms, in which the secrets and best prayers for the people of the regency of West Java are kept  .

The principle of life in addition to the coat of arms of the region

No need to leave the  West Java logo, the slogan of the indigenous people of  West  Java  is written.  The principle is  to repeh neatly. This phrase is in the Sundanese language, which is well known and widely used. Surely the phrase is used not without meaning. But it has a deep meaning, which is actually the principle of life of the people in the area there.

Gemah ripah means prosperous, fertile, prosperous and peaceful. Flourishing in this phrase also means the sufficiency of food and clothing in his people. So that everyone who is there has enough to realize the well-being of their lives well. Of course, with various efforts and the right work.

As for the orderly rapha, it means peace and harmony. A safe and sentient life is certainly the hope of everyone, no matter where they live. Therefore, this principle of life is also the hope of West Java to have a social life that is always peaceful without any problems in carrying out daily activities.

The use of this phrase in the West Java logo is interpreted in such a way as to describe an area that is fertile and rich in various things in order to develop in the area. In addition, this area is also inhabited by people who are always peaceful, prosperous and sentosa in their lives. So that happiness is always around him and makes West Java a pleasant place to live.

This emblem also reminds various countries to continue to take a number of concrete steps so that these hopes can be realized properly. The lives of people can correspond to what is in the symbol. In this way, the West Java logo is not just a symbol.

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