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Benefits of using the Honor Service Center when the phone is damaged

Honor Service Center is very useful for mobile phone users. When you pass through it, damage to the phone can be repaired until it returns to its original state. This is obviously considered smartphones themselves are very trendy damage. This happens because its use is carried out every day.

Honoring itself is one of the most popular brands in Indonesia. In fact, Honor is still affiliated with Huawei. With the existence of honor, it is expected that the spread of his mobile phone will be better. This is a successful dual-market strategy piloted by several large companies. There are so many products of honor.

In addition to mobile phones, this company also publishes laptops and various accessories. If the product is damaged, be sure to come to the Honor Service Center. Do not come to the usual repair location. There are several advantages that an official service center has and is not owned by other places.

Benefits when choosing a service center

The first advantage lies in the technician who will be busy. When it comes to an ordinary repair site, the technician who takes care of it usually repairs something on their own. Although often qualified, self-directed learning raises the possibility of mistakes. This is obviously dangerous for you as a consumer.

Different things will be felt when you arrive at the Honor Service Center. All registered technicians have their own licenses. With this, the quality of craftsmanship is inaccessible. Standards owned by professional technicians are factory standards. With it, the quality of the product will return to the way it was first purchased.

Telephone security will also be maintained when using official services. Complaints in this case are often felt by consumers when it comes to ordinary repair places. This is because there are often cases when the parts of the cell phone they serve are even replaced with outdated parts of the phone.

This causes its performance after service to even decrease. Different things will be felt when you arrive at the Honor Service Center. There is a principle in the hands of technicians where consumers need to get the best service. With it, security on the phone will always take precedence so that he returns to the way he came first.

This guarantee is also guaranteed by the existence of a mandate. The warranty itself is indeed an official feature that honors its users. With a warrant, any damage that occurs can be claimed directly from the service center. Of course, there is a time limit for the warranty.

In addition, the warranty will not apply if the damage occurs due to personal negligence. The warranty can only be claimed if the damage occurs due to the technician’s error in the repairs. Although rarely used, this warranty feature will make it easier for consumers to get the best service.

The pros don’t stop there

Another advantage of the Honor Service Center is also seen in the given items. In Indonesia, two types of components are well known in the market. The first type is the original element. This is the official element of the plant. Its use makes the phone back to the way it was before.

Honor also provides this type of component of its service center. However, there is also a second type of component that is local. A local component is a type of component designed by the manufacturer. Although it is similar at first glance, the performance will not be the same. The most obvious examples will be seen on the origin and the local LCD screen.

Unlike orri’s LCD screen, the local LCD screen will feel different when worn and smoked by hand. The difference also applies to other conferences. In addition, there will be no problems such as the stock that is not available for the items. In a service center, this can happen.

But even if this happens, the honor service center  of one city  and another city have collaborated with each other. With it, spare parts will be imported from other cities for repairs to be carried out. Another advantage is also seen in terms of rates. Some people often complain about different rates between one repair site and another.

This is possible since there are no rules for the repair site in determining the cost. Different things will be felt when you arrive at an official service center. The price is always the same, so consumers will get a set price. In fact, price similarity applies to all regions of Indonesia.

With it, the service can work anywhere at the same price. The rate is also provided with a detailed explanation. Therefore, you will not feel suspicious and afraid of being deceived or harmed by the point of sale.

Steps for the Service Center

If you already know the benefits of the Honor Service Center, be sure to come to the official location if the product is damaged. When the first one arrives, first take the queue number. the points of sale will usually be full of holidays. Therefore, come on a normal day if you want to queue for more time.

Wait for the kitchen number to be called. If you are called, come to CS and deploy the complaints experienced by the mobile phone. From there, CS will ask you a few questions related to the complaint. The purpose of this question is to ensure that cost estimates can be made. Indeed, CS will immediately inform the estimated cost of the repair.

After knowing the cost of the repair, you are free to want to continue the repair or not. If it’s not because you think it’s better to buy a new phone, you can leave the socket directly. But if the repairs still need to be done, CS will provide a filing form.

The form contains personal data of the consumer. Inside there is also a personal number so that the service center can always be contacted if the repair process cannot be carried out quickly. After that, CS will inform the estimated time to complete the repair process.

From there, wait until the repairs are complete. The Honor Service Center will call you if the repair is really successful. After that, customers can pay the repair fee and go home with the repair gadgets. In fact, there are several conditions where other damage is found on the phone.

This usually happens when the technician performs repairs. When this happens, they will miss you and explain the last price to pay. This condition often occurs because damage to the phone cannot be fully detected unless a technician has checked.

VIP services are also available for users

There are several types of services that can be found when it comes to service centers. The most special service in itself is called the VIP service. VIP services in the Honor Service Center are divided into three. The first service is called VIP Gold Services. This applies to some phones such as honor 4C and G8.

And there are also Vip Platinum services. The class of mobile phones for this service is even higher. This service itself is for Huawei P8 users. In this service, LCD Repair has a warranty of up to 3 months.

In fact, the warranty applies to personal mistakes such as the break due to an autumn season. The last service is called VIP Diamond Service. It is intended for users of Math S. its main asset lies in the use of a national guarantee for 2 years. Even when it comes to taking a sale, Diamond VIP customer service will take precedence.

Be sure to always come to the official point of sale when there is damage to the gadgets. With it, the requirement of gadgets will return to its original kitchen and the things they want will not happen. For the mark of honor itself, come from the honored service centers that have spread throughout Indonesia.

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