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Citilink Call Center Solutions to Flight Problems 24 hours online

When experiencing air travel issues with Citilink’s fleet, contacting Citilink’s call centre is the fastest solution in improving the situation. Problems that occur may be related to flight schedules, seat choices or flight classes, and ticket availability. All these problems can be overcome through customer service support.

To travel by air using a commercial flight, an advance ticket is required.  You need to purchase tickets according to your destination and adjust the departure schedule. All important information related to flights can be obtained through the information channel by visiting the Citilink office directly or at the ticket point of sale.

However, if you do not have the flexibility to come directly because you are hampered by distance and busyness, you can access online services by accessing the Citilink website or using contacting the Citilink call centre to help with all the problems going on and provide complete information.

For  those of you who are still unfamiliar with using this helpdesk, this time we have information related to the integrated support service from Citilink. Starting from what the services are, how to contact the support centre, and various other information. See the following description.

What are  Citilink Call Center Services  Offered?

Citilink is one of the airlines in Indonesia serving domestic and international flight routes. There are different flight routes with domestic and foreign destinations that can be accessed online or come directly to the service centre for information.

You can also use the Citilink call center to get a type of service that helps solve problems. There are different types of services provided related to flights with Citilink fleets. Especially the most frequent ticket problems. Here are some aviation-related issues that Citilink customer service can help:

  1. Identity fills error when purchasing tickets. For example, an error when writing the name or other data.
  2. Reschedule flights. If you can’t travel with scheduled time, you can ask Citilink to multiply the schedule to another time.
  3. Tour cancellations and ticket refund requests. Refunds will be issued according to applicable regulations.
  4. Reroute flights. You can also request a reroute if something goes wrong or you want to go to a different place.
  5. Change flight class. A substitute for a class can only be done for advanced degrees.
  6. Information on international flight times. Because the time difference is often users are wrong in deciding flight times so that it gets clearer information it is best to contact customer service.
  7. Change the ticket user ID data.
  8. Baggage load information.
  9. Submit complaints or services received during the trip.
  10. Advice for Citilink to develop the service for the better.

Those are some of the services you can  get by accessing the Citilink call center.   In addition to using phone services, you can also access Citilink’s official website to ask for help, you can use email, fax, and live chat with customer service.

When can you contact the help desk?

The use of the helpdesk can be made at any time as it is available 24 hours for a full 7 days. Unlike the offline support center which is only available during business hours,  you can still contact the online support center at any time when you need help or flight information with Citilink.

By contacting the telepn line 0804 1080 808 you can ask for information related to flights with Citilink or ask for help with various problems that are occurring. The existence of a Citilink call center that  can be contacted at any time is intended to help users.

There’s no need to hesitate to contact this support centre when you need help or feel confused about something. You can also connect  via live chat and customer service  chat via   chat services.  Live chat  is  available on Citilink’s official website atthe bottom of your gadget screen.

Wanting to use email or fax services is also possible. The two alternatives to contacting this helpdesk will give you a maximum of 1×24 hours of support. If you need help in a quick time, then you should use Citilink’s call centre service  as it can provide a faster response to your problems.

Paid Support Service or Not?

Many people prefer to visit the support centre directly at the Citilink branch office because they are worried about having to pay money while accessing the online services provided. In fact, the helpdesk is provided free of charge and can be accessed by all Citilink users.

Hotline numbers 0804 1080 808 and +6231 293 1100 can be contacted when you need help with a ticket, flight, or just want to ask for information. For local services, the contact number can be customized to the branch office in your city.

Meanwhile, the Citilink call centre helpline can be contacted  from  different parts of Indonesia and abroad. The service provided is free, but to contact the support centre a phone fee will be charged by your phone service. For example, when connecting to a local phone, the rate is according to the local rate.

If you call the hot line using a cellular provider, the cost will be adjusted by the provider   you are using. In order not to burden you with expensive phone costs, you can use a phone plan subscription. Each provider usually gives this service a choice of daily packages.

Therefore, you can access support from  the Citilink call centre for free, but for the cost of contacting Citilink , you  still have to pay a phone fee. However, this does not mean that you are paying to Citilink but to the phone provider used.

Benefits of User Help desk

The existence of a support centre is indeed provided to assist users in answering questions by providing accurate information as well as providing support to users facing difficulties. Therefore, the help desk is indeed very useful to users because it provides:

  1. As a link between consumers and the airline.
  2. Provide information as consumers requested, both regarding travel costs, how to purchase tickets, flight routes, schedules, and various other information.
  3. Help solve various flight problems experienced by users. Starting from replacing identity data due to incorrect data input from users, to help change classes and flight paths.
  4. Help users refund tickets because they cancel their flights in accordance with the airline’s terms and conditions.
  5. Help users know international flight times by matching flight times in local time and destination time.
  6. Provide information about the airport the flight is going to.
  7. Catering for consumer complaints about services received during the flight as well as consumer suggestions to the airline.

The service center should be contacted when you really need help or have questions about aviation problems with Citilink’s fleet. Use the help of the service center wisely to give you convenience and solve problems. It’s not just because you want to be on a whim.

The services provided by the support center are in the form of services related to ticket purchases, changes in flight data or schedules, route information, ticket refunds, and various other services.  You can contact Citilink’s call center  anytime or use live chat, email, and  fax  services  on Citilink’s official website.


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